"The Journey is much more interesting when shared with a friend"

"The Journey is much more interesting when shared with a friend"


My Story

I am a mother, teacher, shepherdess, author, storyteller and business owner. The priorities in my life are represented in three words:

Dream, Learn, Grow.  

       Windsor Wool Farm was born out of my desire to keep the family farm. After a rewarding career in sales and marketing in New York and Atlanta, several years as a veterinary nurse in Lexington, Kentucky and living off the grid for a year in upstate New York, I returned to my Kentucky roots to work the family farm.  A farm that was begun by pioneer folk who embraced hard work, independent thinking, honest dealings and love for the the land and animals for which they cared.            

My goals for the farm have been to continue the ideals of my ancestors, incorporate sound business practices while maintaining a common sense approach to shepherding, humane farming practices and quality products.  Currently the farm supports a variety of British Longwool Sheep breeds that are raised in a natural and caring environment. All my sheep are named because they are valued as individual creatures and are raised for wool.  They grow beautiful fiber, available as fleece, roving and yarn that can be purchased in "The Shop".

If you share my affinity for old books, history and family heritage, you may want to browse the Vintage Windsor section of the shop. 

I have made many mistakes, learned a lot, had wonderful mentors and teachers (many of them animals) during these seasons on the farm.  I love to share my experiences and stories of daily life in the hope that others will be inspired to Dream, Learn and Grown as they navigate their own incredible journey.