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"The wisest mind has something yet to learn"

Individual or Small Group Classes Summer 2017


Crafting Your Business         

(Craft Business 101)

Ever wish you had a business mentor that knew the meanings of purl and roving andthe struggles of being a fiber hoarder?  For me, running a small business has been challenging and fun but having some wise mentors has made it so much easier! Whether you are thinking about turning your hobby into a business or have been in the game for a while this class is for you. 

We will explore a variety of topics from marketing, social media, value pricing and product presentation, to how to organize and tackle the productivity monster in a small business.  We will also walk through a business evaluation/brainstorming worksheet to help identify strengths and weaknesses and help you bring your vision for your businessto reality.

It includes the practical “Crafting Business Basics” booklet and a consultation session to ask questions, troubleshoot issues and brainstorm.

Class Cost $65

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Sheep to Shawl 2017 title.001.jpeg

Raising Wool Sheep          

(Sheep & Wool 101)


This experience includes a fun day (up to 4 hours) spent at Windsor Wool Farm learning about sheep husbandry, raising quality wool, selection of fleece and wool processing basics. Whether you are new to the fiber world, considering a fiber flock or want a refresher, this hands-on, information packed option is for you!

Includes: Hobby Farming 101: Facilities and Pasture Overview/Role of the Livestock Guardian /Medical-Nutritional Basics/Stock Evaluation (Breed Selection, Confirmation and Wool)/Breeding and Flock Management/Custom Consultation /Wool Evaluation.  

Wool 10:  Vocabulary of wool and fiber, learn how to evaluate a fleece like a wool judge, basic preparation of raw fleece, washing, carding and fiber prep for spinning.

Class Cost $100

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Summer Farm

Hobby Farm Consultation

This experience includes an onsite visit at your farm (usually up to 4 hours). This is for people who have just acquired some acreage or need a pair of fresh eyes and ideas for your Hobby Farm operation.  This time with a "farm mentor" can save you countless hours of trial and error not to mention money.  

This service was designed to be "the information I wish I had had when I started out farming".  Finding a truth-teller that will give you an honest assessment of your situation as well as someone who can provide a comprehensive blueprint for your farm based on your dreams and requirements is a priceless resource!
Mileage Fee May Apply

Cost for Farm Consultation $250

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Web Design Services

Web Design Services available for Squarespace web pages.  

Please contact me to schedule a consultation to create or revise your website.