Live Long and Prosper Geriatric Scholarship

Chloe 14+ (left) with her daughters and granddaughter and Diana 11 (right)


At Windsor Wool Farm, I value the individual lives of the animals I make the commitment to raise.   Before breeding, or acquiring animals, the resources to care for each animal is considered.  Farming is dealing with life and sometimes death and along with this there are a lot of difficult decisions that are made on a routine basis about the health and wellbeing of the farm and those who call it home.  

This scholarship was developed so that others who share in this belief that animals can live out their twilight years in a natural and dignified environment.  You can help contribute to the notion that animals should be valued as individuals and not as objects.  As part of being given dominion over them, we need to recognize that they have a valuable place in the circle of life with their usefulness and they deserve a measure of respect as a part of the natural world.

 The prospects for a wool sheep at a stock yard are grim.  At best, a person will purchase the animal to integrate into a flock, but the reality is that the animal will be purchased for slaughter.  An elderly animal that is no longer able to produce a quality fleece or lambs are usually taken to the stock yard as they have outlived their "usefulness" on the farm and no longer pay their way.  In addition, a sick animal on many farms is usually a dead animal as many do not want to put the expense or time in to providing medical and nursing care.

Your donation to the Live Long and Prosper Geriatric Scholarship goes directly to the care and feeding of a geriatric sheep.  It helps them remain on the farm and live their remaining days in dignity and peace.  A special newsletter is sent to donors to keep them updated on the sheep, their care and how their resources are being allocated.   

Thank you for joining with me in this mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is a Geriatric Sheep?       
    • 8+ years Sheep life expectancy is usually 10-12 years of age with some individuals living past 20. Most sheep are removed from the flock (culled) before the age of 7 when they start showing  signs of aging.  
  • What kind of care does a Geriatric Sheep require?
    • Food|Housing|Medical Care As sheep age, they do not maintain their body condition as well as younger animals.  They require extra feed rations to not only maintain their body weight but to also deal with harsh weather conditions.  They also may need more barn time (hotel stays).  Older animal are more susceptible to medical issues and may need extra TLC and medicines.
  • What happens to Geriatric sheep now at Windsor Wool Farm?
    • Geriatric sheep are allowed to live out their natural lives at the farm.