Farm Consultation


Farm Consultation


This experience includes a day (4hours) spent at your farm. This is for people who have just acquired some acreage or need a pair of fresh eyes and ideas for your Hobby Farm operation.  These few hours with a "farm mentor" can save you countless hours of trial and error not to mention money.  

This service was designed to be "the information I wish I had had when I started out farming".  Finding a truth-teller that will give you an honest assessment of your situation as well as someone who can provide a comprehensive blueprint for your farm based on your dreams and requirements is a priceless resource!


  • My Hobby Farming 101 Handbook
  • Facilities, Fencing and Pasture Overview
  • Medical and Nutritional Basics
  • Stock Evaluation (Breed/Stock Selection)
  • Breeding and Stock Management
  • Custom Consultation 

Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee (Mileage fee may apply)